Years after the long-held notion that Windows 10 will be the last operating system to exist, Windows has officially introduced Windows 11 to the world. Still the number one operating system in the world, Windows has introduced a number of new features. However, the special feature here is that Windows 11 is designed to be very similar to Windows 10

Before the official release of Windows 11, a leaked version had been released on the Internet. Making it a reality, on 20-06-28, Microsoft has officially introduced Windows 11 to the world. But we have not yet had the opportunity to use one officially.

Special Features

  • Beautiful, more stable new design (Personalize widgets, Themes, Transparent look)
  • New video game selection and capabilities (Auto HDR, beautiful lights and colors)
  • Great window layout options
  • Better multi-monitor performance (multi tasking)
  • Improving performance characteristics

Includes new and improved features such as running Android mobile apps.

Windows has been able to reduce the look and feel of new updates by up to 40%. New updates have been implemented in the background and they have been able to reduce the interruptions to the user’s work. If you’re already using Windows 10, you’ll not have to worry about how long it will take for an update and how many GB it will cost. Because those updates were as big as 5GB.

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Windows 11 is also known as the most secure operating system they have ever released. Another thing is that multitasking allows you to keep multiple windows on your screen in rows and sections at once. Windows 11 has been developed and developed for the touch screen, so if you have a computer with a touch screen now, it will be even easier to use.

They have also redesigned the Microsoft store. Also, the ability to run an Android app without an Android emulator is a special feature of the new Windows 11. Compared to previous operating systems, Windows 11 is unique in that it is compatible with a variety of computers, such as tablets and notebooks.

You can now download the latest Windows 11 Android app from the Microsoft Store

Another special feature is that the Start menu is located in the center of the screen. There is also a collection of colorful wallpapers for new windows. It also has the ability to automatically detect a computer user’s usage and adjust accordingly.

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